About Us

We have been providing home theater pro solutions in Los Angeles, California, and the surrounding areas for a long time and are well versed in meeting all needs and addressing all potential challenges down the line. Building a home theater is not an easy project, but becomes entirely stress-free with us. We take into account all variables that may influence the design and the construction of a new structure or modifying an existing structure from the start so that they won’t be any surprises later. And even if they pop, we work with experienced contractors from a variety of industries and so no problem is too demanding for our team. From the home theater builder to the engineers and designers, we partner with the best contactors to serve the needs of the people in LA and the surrounding areas with the utmost accuracy.

From the design to the home theater construction, expect top service

Planning the home theater room down to the last detail is of the essence whether this is a room remodeling or a new construction. We discuss with you, take measurements, and draft plans to address the needs of the existing or required structure, the motif of the décor, the acoustics, and all features desired by you. From the initial concept to the design and construction, expect full home movie theater services in Los Angeles.

Your home theater room is built to your expectations  

Designing the home theater in great detail is the most important step of the project. But the home theater construction is crucial too. We use the best materials to build safe home theaters that will stand the test of time while the rooms are constructed in a way to enable the sound to travel undisturbed and thus unaltered. What constitutes to the successful completion of each project is the attention we pay to every detail and the experience and commitment of each contractor. From the LA home movie theater builder to the architect and the interior design, all pros are distinguished for their skills.

From home theater décor to acoustics, we build from scratch

All phases of home theater room building are essential. The heart of this project is the acoustics. The sound is excellent because we isolate it by paying attention to the wall paneling and columns, the arrangement of the seats, the quality of the electronics and the installation, and all architectural elements that may affect it. All the same, we focus on the decoration of your home theater room to create an environment that is both comfortable and appealing to your senses. With our LA home theater pro team, technology and aesthetics meet and combine to create luxurious rooms where you can sit back, dim the lights, and relax by watching your favorite movie.