Basement Home Theater Rooms – The Best Choice

Using the basement to build a home movie theater is an excellent idea. This part of the house is already secluded, even if it’s finished and already used for some other activities. And this is exactly what you want when building a home movie theater.

Are there no considerations about turning the basement into your home theater room? Of course, there are. Only a few things are entirely free of problems and considerations in this life. But overall and assuming that there is no alarming problem with your basement, this part of your home will likely be the best space to construct your very own movie theater.

Basements make excellent home theater rooms

Two things necessary for your best viewing experience and the peace of others have to do with the darkness of the room and the noise.

For these two reasons alone, it’s worth considering your basement as the ultimate place to build your home theater room.

home theater lighting•   Most basements are quite dark, in terms of natural light. They usually have just one window and this is often small too. This is excellent news in a room, where the natural light is not welcome. Yes, the overall home theater lighting is important but this is something you discuss with your contractor. Artificial lighting is placed strategically so that it will enhance your cinematic experience and not compromise it. And yes, you can also add some bright lights for the moments you want to make popcorn or serve yourself a drink, even more if you create a petit kitchenette to make your life even easier while you are watching. But anything related to artificial lighting is up to you and controlled, in contrast to the sunshine.

•   A custom home theater is designed and built to provide the ultimate experience to those watching and ensure all people standing outside this room’s door are not disturbed. Isolating noises for the benefit of both sides is basics for any good home theater planning and a secluded basement helps a lot to this direction.

The advantages of choosing basements to build home theater rooms don’t stop here.

home theater construction•   Homeowners often wonder whether or not a home theater room will increase the property’s value. Overall, it does. But big families, which need lots and lots of space in the home may not be happy to hear that one room is used solely for the purpose of entertainment. But everyone would love the idea of having a finished basement, which, in fact, is turned into a home theater movie room.

•   When all the watching is done in the basement, the living room can be better decorated and guests can be easily entertained without the disruption of the TV. If men want to go watch a game, they can do it without bothering their wives. If the children want to yell and laugh loud while watching, they won’t bother the adults. And if you want to watch a show or a movie with friends, you can do it in the basement without upsetting the living room.

The considerations of basement theater movie rooms

Since basements are underground – more or less, at least, people in wheelchairs or elderly people will not have access. That’s a big consideration when it comes to basements.

As far as the overall home theater construction is concerned, one of the main considerations in basements is possible moisture, flooding, and dampness. This, of course, has to do with the overall basement construction – whether it is finished or not, et cetera. So, you need to focus on such things, which may not be apparent (as problems) today, but may happen tomorrow.

One last thing to consider is the expense, if the basement is not finished. In this case, you are looking for a double budget – one for finishing the basement and one for building the home theater room. Is it worth it? If you love the idea of having a home theater room and a basement, it’s totally worth it as long as you can afford it and there are no other considerations hanging over your head.