Designing the Ideal Theater Room

There’s a lot involved in building a home theater room that will provide endless pleasant moments and skyrocket your experience as a viewer. If we wanted to give a short answer to the question of what would make a home theater movie room perfect is to block anything related to the outside world and focus on everything that must be in this room. That’s one way to look at this project. To be clear, let’s say that:

*     To enjoy movies, you need to focus on sound isolation and blocking the sunlight.

*     Then you need to focus on the home theater design.

Both of these categories are broad and difficult to succeed and implement. Overall, the closer you come to building an ideal home theater room, the better your acoustical and visual experience. Isn’t that what building the room is all about?

What would make a perfect home theater room?

Designing the Ideal Theater RoomThe right size and dimensions, to start with. Ideally, the room should be about 20 ft long and 15 ft wide. To define the ideal space for optimal sound traveling, there’s a golden ratio of height, length, and width with the height remaining a constant variable. And while there are various golden ratios that mathematicians and other scholars developed from 1946 onwards, an average golden ratio looks like that: When the height is 1 and the width is 1,62, the length is 2,62.

An ideal home theater room is rectangular and not a cube – that’s for acoustic reasons. The sound waves do not carry the frequencies as they should in cube rooms and so the acoustics is not good.

Oh, my! The room is small. Can it become a home movie theater?

Of course, if you lack the perfect space, a home theater designer can still find solutions to make it as ideal as it can be. How can that happen?

·         With the correct sound system for the room’s size and dimensions.

·         With the right size TV or projector for the room’s size and distances from all seats.

·         By using wall paneling to reshape a room and make it as ideal as possible, in terms of shape.

·         By suggesting quality equipment based on the room’s requirements and your personal expectations.

·         By focusing on the home theater seating arrangement and all things about it – distances, types of chairs, quality, materials.

·         By using the necessary home theater curtains to block natural light, if any, and suggest the right lighting for the room.

The list could go since the things that must be considered, studied, implemented, included and excluded in such projects are multiple.

Things to focus on to build an ideal home theater room

Designing the Ideal Theater RoomWhich are the main things you should keep in mind in order to create a home movie theater you truly adore and in which you’ll find real pleasure as a viewer?

·         Since the dimensions of the room matter a lot, speak with your home theater builder about the location and see what changes can be made, if this is an existing room.

·         Try to isolate external noises and light and soundproof the room so that you won’t bother others either.

·         Prefer dark colors, like you see in public cinemas, and invest in a home theater lighting system that will allow you to have the right ambiance when you are watching a film but also enough brightness to walk to the bar or move around.

·         Get the best possible equipment and pay attention to the sound system and the size of the screen based on the room’s dimensions.

·         Get comfortable home theater chairs to feel good and cozy for hours. If you like to snack as you watch, get chairs with drop-down tables.

·         Pay a lot of attention to the distance between the screen and all chairs, from the ones found in the first row to the ones found in the last row and all those found in between and diagonal.

·         Avoid all things shiny – door knobs, posters, glass, et cetera, that will reflect light back and lessen your viewing experience.

·         For better acoustics, prefer soft materials and so carpet floors too.

·         Leave tchotchkes out of the room. They don’t belong in this room and may mess with the sound. It’s always best to keep the home theater room as simple as possible.