Easy to Make Mistakes when Designing the Home Theater Room

Even the simplest home theater design is complex, perplexed – a headache! Then again, do one thing wrong and see all your efforts and expenses slip through the drain, just like that. Not that you won’t enjoy a good movie if the home theater chairs are too close to the screen, but let me ask you this. Are you planning to go through the hassle and expense of home theater building just to enjoy an okay viewing?

The truth is this. Building a home movie theater room involves so many things that it’d be a wonder if you can avoid mistakes. But still. Even if you don’t get perfection, you need the next best thing. Don’t you? Let us point out what usually goes wrong and why the phase of home theater planning is so, so important! Here are some common mistakes, you can make too.

Forgetting what the home theater room is all about

home theater buildingThe home theater room has one purpose only. That’s to allow you to relax while watching your favorite movies in the best possible environment. That’s the reason you spend money for the equipment, the chairs, the furniture – for building the theater room.

This is not the living room. It’s not the family room. It shouldn’t be used for other activities. After all, if it is, it’s no longer a theater room but a media room.

Why is this important? Because a home movie theater is different from a media room. It’s also a considerable expense. Who wants to spend money to build a home theater if it’s not used as a home theater?

Get my point?

Choosing the wrong home theater interiors

Nothing is trivial when it comes to the home theater construction and this includes all things related to the seating arrangements, the chairs, the distances – everything. This is actually a very big thing since there’s a lot in each theater room and everything must have its exact place at the very exact spot.

Take the screen in relation to the home theater loveseats. The distance between them must be ideal. If not, viewing a movie in comfort will not be possible. How about the rear rows, given that there are several of them? If there’s no inclination with a riser platform, the viewers at the back won’t watch with comfort. And how about the home theater sofas or chairs? Or the screen? Get them the wrong size and see how easily the good viewing is compromised.

Getting the wrong home theater system/equipment

Speaking of getting the wrong size screen, it’s also easy to make mistakes when choosing a receiver, the projector, the speakers – the whole system. There are quite a few differences among such systems and your choice has to do with your budget, size of the room, the wall paneling, the whole setting of the system. Plus, this is one of the times you need to splurge in order to really enjoy the sound and image later.

Picking the wrong space to build your home theater

home movie theaterAssuming you want to build a custom home theater room and not just a media/entertainment room, the choice of the location is very important. Although these rooms are insulated to keep sound from traveling through walls, it’s best to keep away from the children’s bedrooms or the home office. Since such rooms need to be dark and windowless – if possible, don’t pick the brightest room in the house. Pick the darkest. Also, the shape and the size of the room matter a lot to the way sound travels – by extension, to your own satisfaction. So, if you have choices or plan to add a room just for the purpose of the home theater, prefer a rather large size and rectangular shape.

Taking the role of a home theater contractor lightheartedly

Building a home theater room is not a DIY job. It’s not a one-man job. It’s not an easy task. As a matter of fact, it involves so many things and so many steps that not only do you have to find a contractor, but actually the best possible home movie theater builder. Because you know what? With pros around you and by extension, good and thorough planning, making mistakes will be really difficult. That’s the whole point. Isn’t it?