Home Theater Décor Ideas

What’s tricky about the home theater design is that it must be luxurious in a subtle way. It must be simple in the poshest way. We know. You most likely find such notions contradictory and can hardly think of home theater décor ideas that can reach that end. After all, how can a luxury home theater be simple. And why should it, in the first place?

Why all home theater décor ideas should be simple?

The whole point when building a home theater movie room is to create a confined space, where you can enjoy watching films in a perfect environment. The whole essence of a custom home theater is to isolate noises and all disturbances going around in the house or in the neighborhood and manage to unwind at the end of the day.

What does the home theater construction have to do with the décor, and whether or not must be kept simple?

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A pompous home movie theater room will cause as much disturbance as outside noises may cause. It’s not accidental that cinemas stick to dark colors and plain decorations. Heavy decorations interrupt the eye, attract attention, become a reason for discussion, etc. That’s the last thing you want when you are trying to relax in front of the television.

How to make your home theater luxurious but not pompous?

The devil hides in details. When it comes to your home theater, luxury may hide in plain side without disturbing. How?

• Choose beautiful leather home theater chairs. Leather or high-end fabrics add a posh touch to your home theater chairs.

• Select rich colors, but dark hues. For example, your home theater sofa won’t only be luxurious if it’s made of leather but also if it’s red. That’s traditionally the go-to hue for cinemas and theaters. Red was traditionally used for the curtains of stages because it didn’t affect the lighting. Dark red home theater curtains matched with red chairs will create a beautiful environment and also, familiar. And so, it will not disturb.

• Speaking of colors, it’s important to have some uniformity when you plan the room or talk with your home theater designer. Too many different colors in the room reduce its splendor, affect the lighting, and draw attention – in the bad sense of the meaning.

• Keep the wall accents to the minimum. Since better acoustics is achieved when there are soft rather than hard materials in the room, you can dress the wall with fabric. At the most, you can add some movie posters with minimal frames, all of the same color and material to maintain uniformity.

• You can be playful with the home theater lighting. That’s part of the room’s décor. What’s interesting here is that some kitsch-ish ideas are not only welcome but often, part of the experience of building a home theater movie. These may include hidden lights or lit stars in the ceiling.

• Speaking of the lighting options, that’s a main décor element of the home movie theater room. Lights are also main features of the entire home theater planning. You need to have some bright lights to be able to move around and also, ambience lighting for the times you are watching a film. Now, the arrangement of the spotlights can complement the décor nicely. A few sconces here and there will add to the wall décor without making it busy.

• And don’t forget about the importance of the flooring to both the performance of the home theater acoustics and the room’s décor. Carpeting is the best option. Have you noticed that most cinema theaters have carpeted floors? First of all, they allow people to walk without disturbing those watching. Then, they are soft floors. And so, the sound won’t be distorted as it does when it hits on hard flooring and hard materials. Then, a nice red or dark blue carpet with a velvet feel will give to the room this subtle luxurious décor you need to relax and feel a king in your own cave.