Home Theater Equipment, Think Today to Enjoy Later

What’s a home theater room without home theater equipment? Naturally, one of the most important discussions you will have with your home theater builder is related to the equipment. While choosing the right gear to equip your soon-to-be home movie theater room is not very hard, there are some details to consider today so that you can enjoy later. Should we sit side by side in our nice home theater room chairs and see what must be included on your list? Please, take a seat.

The home theater projector & screen combo

home theater projectorThe good old fashion home theater projector and screen is the main duo you want in the room. Naturally, the equipment you find these days utilizes the latest technology and the options can fill a (home theater) room. While the quality of the projection system is important and there are choices for the filthy wealthy and the average family, it is the screen that must absorb all your attention. Its style, size, and shape – everything about it will define whether you view and enjoy, or the screen reflects the light of the projector back at you so intensely that it blinds you. To give you an idea, 100-inch screens are suitable for approx. 300-sq.ft. home theater rooms.

But it also has to do with the distance of the screen from the front row of the home theater sofa. If the width of the screen is 80-inches, the minimum distance should be 160-inches away and the maximum distance should be 400-inches away. But your comfort is also subject to the quality of the screen – for example, how accurately it reproduces the colors of the projector. These are the factors, which make the selection of this equipment difficult. And don’t let the prices fool you. Expensive doesn’t necessarily mean good. It’s best to read reviews and take the advice of your home theater contractor.

Or, should you just opt for a large TV?

Of course, you also have the choice of equipping your custom home theater room with a TV. Nowadays, there are so many choices among large flat TV screens of the latest technology that there’s no reason to get the projector/screen combo. Since you, surely, have greater experience with TV screens, you can accommodate the lighting easier. Using it will be easier. Replacing it will be easier.

The home theater speakers

home theater speakersOne of the reasons for building a home theater room, in the first place, is to enjoy sound coming from all directions, enhancing your viewing experience. Isn’t it? That’s why you need some fine home theater speakers. Home surround sound systems usually include speakers placed at five different parts of the room – rear left and right, front left and right, center. They also include a subwoofer, which will smoothen the bass across the room, enhancing the sound. Of course, you can get a 7.1 system, instead of a 5.1 system and that means getting seven speakers, but that’d be necessary if the room is truly big or you are obsessed with sound.

Home theater receivers

Choosing a receiver with sufficient inputs for the equipment of the home theater system is important. The receiver is one of the most crucial parts of the system since it acts as the processor and the amplifier. The video & audio inputs go through the receiver and then to the speakers or projector. You need a very powerful system.

Are you streaming these days? If not or want an extra source, don’t forget to include to your list of home theater equipment a movie player.