Home Theater Room: What May Compromise Your Comfort

One may argue that as long as you have a chair and a TV, there’s nothing to reduce your experience as a viewer. But this is not what we call a home theater room.

Home theater rooms are secluded, just for the purpose of isolating noises, keeping the natural light out of the room, and creating an environment perfect for viewing movies – just like in the cinema.

To understand what may reduce your comfort, you need to understand first what makes a home movie theater room ideal. The main list?

•   Good home theater planning – measuring well, keeping the right distances between seats and between the seats and the screen, creating the right interior.

•   Getting the right home theater chairs in terms of quality, in terms of quantity too.

•   Investing in good speakers, receiver, projector and screen.

•   Choosing soft and not hard materials for the home theater interior.

This list doesn’t exhaust all the elements that would make a home movie theater room ideal, but sketches the elements that would compromise the room’s comfort if they are not selected with attention. Let’s see how you can avoid mistakes that would steal away your comfort.

Focus on the home theater seating layout

home theater designOne of the most important steps while planning the home theater design is figuring out the layout of the seats. Surely, this is highly dependent on the size and the shape of the room, the size and shape of the chairs too. As it is often the case, the room’s size and shape dictate the shape and size of the chairs. In any case, there must be some distance between them, creating rows where you can walk. Most importantly, there must be sufficient distance from the screen so that all viewers in the room will be able to watch without difficulty, but also without getting blinded.

If you are too close or too far from the screen, it won’t be good. That’s the least you want when building a home theater room. To avoid such troubles, you need to be very thorough at the very beginning about everything – the measurement, the chairs you get. Also, you need to consider riser platforms – that’s if there are several rows of seats.

Pay attention to the home theater chairs

home theater sofaOne thing that offers absolute comfort when watching movies is the seats. Get the wrong home theater sofa and you will feel the difference at once. As we already said, the first thing you need to focus on is the distances. Also, the size of the chairs related to the size of the room.

Furthermore, you need to get the right chairs for you. Today, there are options among home theater sofas, multimedia modular sectionals, chairs. What you get depends on your taste, room size, number of people watching. Then you need to consider if you want chairs with tables, recliners, fabric or leather chairs – whatever makes you more comfortable.

Invest in the best possible home theater equipment

A home theater room without a screen, projector, speakers and the whole system required is not a home theater room. Yes, the better equipment you get in terms of quality the better. But at this point, the attention is centered in two other aspects.

a.   Make sure you get all parts of the system you need, make a detailed list with your home theater contractor.

b.   Make sure the equipment you get is suitable for your room’s size so that the sound will transfer well and be transmitted to perfection, and the screen will be of the ideal size.

Don’t underestimate the home theater interior & materials

Have you noticed that just like in the cinemas, most home theater rooms have carpet flooring? This is not a coincidence. Such rooms must have soft materials all around, the floor, the walls. It’s important that such rooms have materials that absorb sound and don’t distort it. Try to avoid hard surfaces or at least, keep balances.