Home Theaters Become a Must in the Covid-19 Period

This home theater room most people craved but not all people managed to build has become mainstream lately. Yes, you guessed right; it’s all due to covid-19. Social distancing and all the restrictions people experience in different locations – all due to the pandemic, proved – among other things, the very fact that everyone loves their cinema. And you know what happens when the mountain won’t go to Muhammad…

If you cannot go to the movies, you find a home theater builder. Simple, right?

home theater builderWell, not exactly. Building a home movie theater room requires some space, some specifications, some money. We are not talking about sitting on the living room’s sofa to watch a movie. Those who, up until recently, loved to go to the movies feel a certain gap in their lives. The passionate movie lovers appreciate the overall environment of a movie theater – the décor, the chairs, the color – above all, the acoustics. Watching a movie in the cinema doesn’t even start to compare with watching the same movie on TV at home. Unless you make it look and sound the same. And that takes some serious home theater planning.

•   Finding the room, where you will build the home movie theater

•   Getting all the accessories required – equipment, chairs, wall accents, etc.

•   Making sure the home theater chairs are arranged in a way for great view for all

•   Spreading the home theater speakers based on the room’s dimensions

•   Insulating the room to isolate the noises

•   Considering the overall home theater décor – even get a popcorn machine for this buttery smell

The pandemic favored the home theater builders

The road to home theater construction is not easy. Yet, the demand has gone up when people realized that it won’t be soon before they will go back to the cinemas. In fact, a small percentage claimed not to return ever again in public theater rooms in fear of their health. And there’s more to it than meets the eye.

The pandemic took a big hit on the whole entertainment industry. Only a small number of movies has been released during this period. With most theaters closed and hardly any new movies coming out, the box office has seen its lowest level over the last four decades.

It’s not just that people had no theater to go to but no too many films to see, anyway. But this didn’t stop their famine for more films. Quite the contrary. Stuck at home, watching movies suddenly became a norm. If people couldn’t not enjoy brand-new movies, they could at least enjoy older movies they missed. Or, truly old movies they loved – all kinds of movies. Some just to keep busy or set their minds off all the covid craziness. Some to continue to do what they always loved to do so much but now in their own space.

Suddenly the demand for extra home theater accessories goes up

custom home theaterDuring the pandemic, online shopping also became a norm. Those who already had built their custom home theater, now look to accessorize it with modern equipment. What was noticed was a high demand for new home theater projectors, TVs, sofas – anything to make this private entertainment room of theirs even better.

Those without a home theater room tried to better equip their media room with more advanced equipment and all sorts of devices.

Custom home theater contractors suddenly became very busy

With a few breaks between lockdowns, homeowners found the chance to create their own theater room. Home theater builders became busy. Now, people queue for a contractor instead to get their tickets for a physical cinema. That’s the new thing. It may not have the magnitude of the real thing but doesn’t demand face masks either. It doesn’t ask for tickets. And it doesn’t restrict your movie preferences. You just sit back, get food & drinks as you wish, stretch your legs, are in your pjs, and watch anything you like in a room, which – if you think about it, resembles so much the real thing. It’s all in the home theater interiors – from the wall sconces and the carpet to the recliners. It’s all in the acoustics too – nothing that cannot be handled by an experienced home theater contractor.