How Many Hours Do You Spend in front of the TV? Time for Home Theater

The average TV watching time was already astonishing high, even in the pre-pandemic period. With the new stay-at-home – due to covid-19, habits, the numbers went through the roof. When the numbers start high, they can only go higher.

At the same time, there’s been noticed a great interest in home theater building during the last decade. That’s due to new technology, which brought fresh opportunities for high-end equipment at much lower prices than before. Suddenly, building a home theater room was not reserved only for the few. And we are not talking about getting a new home theater projector or a new TV. We are talking about dedicating an entire room for TV watching.

Home theater installations often involve adding a new room to the house. Or, transforming an existing room to construct a home theater that would have nothing to be jealous of a physical movie theater. Having the (economic) opportunity to create a small-scale movie theater right there at home skyrocketed the enthusiasm of film lovers. Custom home theater contractors became very busy and even busier a while after the pandemic. It was a matter of keeping busy while staying at home.

The decade of screen watching (hit the roof during the pandemic)

Home theater installationsWith new technology invading our lives, we, humans, found ourselves to be true lovers of all kinds of screens. An average person spends most hours of the day in front of a screen – not just a TV but also a laptop, PC, tablet, phone – you know them better. Nearly half our lives are spent in front of some kind of a screen.

The (non) surprising viewing habits during the pandemic lockdown

With the pandemic, these numbers went up. Social distancing and lockdowns brought us even closer to the screens. The anxiety covid-19 brought to our lives made us embrace TV screens even more, as a way out of problems – if you will. As a way to forget and entertain ourselves within the boundaries of our home. And while this may affect our brains, psychology, and lives in a bad way, the presence of all these high-tech means is a good thing too.

The positive side of too much screen watching

There’s no denying that 50 years ago people, who would have found themselves in a similar pandemic situation, like the one we experience right now, would have found ways to get busy at their homes too. Maybe, they would read more and spend time with each other, but they wouldn’t know what’s happening outside – at least, not like we do today. And after a while, they wouldn’t have other means to relax, learn, and laugh. Don’t forget that when you stretch on home theater chairs, watching movies is not the only option you have. You can also watch documentaries and enjoy all different kinds of viewings that would both educate and amuse.

Time for home theater construction

home theater movie rooms Ask yourself how many hours you spend in front of your TV or if you subscribed to some service to watch all kinds of movies or if you connected your TV with the internet. With TV viewing hours almost doubling during the covid lockdown and various movie services and platforms experiencing some golden days due to the millions of new subscribers during covid, home theater movie rooms became a must.

Building a home movie theater is a great idea now more than ever and not just for watching more but mainly for experiencing better viewings. When everything is planned well, one of the benefits you enjoy – apart from the better acoustics, is the right distance from the screen – whatever screen – TV or projector. Since these rooms are made to isolate noises, it would be a good thing when the children must get educated at home while you want to watch TV or vice versa, when they want to watch while you work from home. Don’t you think having a family movie theater right there at home is a good idea?