Is It Worth Building A Home Theater Room?

Home Theater RoomThose who enjoy a good film at the end of the day and those who don’t move from their recliner all weekend, letting no one interrupt the flow of episodes from their favorite series, would love a home theater room.

Truth be told, everyone deserves a home movie theater. But not everyone can build one. Not all people believe it’s worth building a home theater room either.

Let’s lay our cards on the table. Having a theater room in the home is a lovely idea and finally, a home improvement that will cater to your entertaining needs. But there are some considerations when it comes to the home theater construction and the cost. And so, the question is whether or not it’s worth building a home theater room! Let’s see.

Home theater room: what is it?

Remember what’s it like going to the movies? The comfy seats? The great sound? The proper lighting? Now take that ambiance, take this space and bring it home. That’s a home theater room.

As opposed to a classic media room, which is used for a variety of activities and all sorts of purposes, home theater movie rooms are built for one and only one purpose. To give the pleasure of enjoying films in a soundproof environment whose ambience will help you relax without disturbances and with equipment that will enhance your cinematic experience.

With that said, let’s move on.

Do you know what’s involved?

Building home theater rooms involves much more than buying a sofa and a TV set. That’s what makes us think twice before we invest in such a project. It involves many things. To give you an idea, consider the main must-haves when you build a custom home theater.

Home theater equipment

It goes without saying the focal point of a home movie theater room is the equipment. This usually involves a screen/projector or a large TV, a sound system (like subwoofers and speakers), media device (something like a classic DVD or blue ray player or other), cables, a receive, and a remote. As you can see, that’s much more than a simple TV set.

Great furniture

home theater seatingYou definitely need home theater chairs and perhaps a bar or some side tables. The good news is that when it comes to the seating options, the choices are plenty. There are sofas, love seats, multimedia modular sectionals, recliners – you name it.

Now, the important thing here is the home theater seating arrangement. The main consideration is for the viewers from the rear seats. And so, tiered seating is common.

Appropriate lighting

Having the right home theater lighting is paramount. It definitely depends on how you like to watch movies – the lights on or off? But traditionally, home theater rooms are kind of dark. There’s a need for lights that can create a perfect ambience for as long as the movie lasts but also provide the necessary brightness for the times you want to socialize, get up, take a snack, etc.

Proper home theater acoustics & sound isolation

The way the home theater room is constructed is vital to its acoustics. The flooring, the walls, the materials, the equipment – all play a role in the proper acoustics. It’s important to have great sound isolation and also great sound performance. The sound shouldn’t disturb those out of the room and the sounds outside shouldn’t disturb you. But the sound of the movie must also be clear without being absorbed by the materials or creating echo.

Main considerations before building a home theater room


If you consider all that’s needed to build a home theater room, it’s easy to understand that the cost is rather high. It surely depends on whether this is a new construction or remodel. The cost will also be subject to the quality of everything you need for the room – from the home theater wall accents to the seats. And also, on the space – the bigger the room, the more seats needed, the higher the expense. Don’t forget that there’s an extra cost if you want additional things, like platforms and special décor, while you should also consider the cost of the home theater installation.


home theater installationAnother consideration is the space. If you don’t have an extra room or space to build a home theater, fate has decided for you. And then, even if you have the room, you need to consider its size. The shape and size of the room play a role in the performance. But even if you are ready to make a few compromises, the room must have enough space to put enough chairs. Also, must have the height to create the necessary tiered seating.

There are some considerations. And there’s a lot involved in such projects. Are they worth it? If the cost and the space are not main considerations, go for it. If you love films, you will love your home theater room too.