Making Small Backyards Awesome Living Spaces

Small backyards are lovely – if they are not our own. Right? Those who love spending time out in the backyard prefer large spaces, which can be transformed into living spaces to their liking. With small spaces, the options are limited. You cannot enjoy activities out in the open space. You cannot even invite a lot of friends. In some cases, a small table will hardly fit – not a word about fitting an outdoor firepit.

To make a long story short, small backyards are often neglected. Since they cannot offer the homeowners the space they need to install an outdoor kitchen, get beautiful garden furniture, place a hammock, or fit a king-size dining table, they usually leave it as is – abandoned.

What if you could fix the chaos that rules in the backyard and create a wonderful space for your family to relax? Small spaces deserve some attention too and we are going to show you that your small backyard can be a lovely living space – small but gorgeous.

Rule #1 – embrace a minimalistic approach with a maximalist backdrop

What we all hate in small spaces is bumping into things and having a difficult time moving around. To avoid that, keep a minimalistic approach. Bring out only the essentials, watch out for sizes, and prefer items and furniture that may have multiple uses – like a stool that may become a small table. The whole idea is to keep clean lines not only for a sleek aesthetic result – although this is vital for small spaces, but also a neat space that will be inviting and won’t drive you away.

Where maximalism fits in all that? We’ll tell you. Since minimal spaces are awesome but lack friendliness, you want to fill this gap by creating a rich in flowers, greens of all sorts, and outdoor lighting fixtures backdrop. This way, the surroundings will be colorful, full of energy, and full of life without getting in your way.

Rule #2 – start with the basics first – outdoor decking, walls, fence

Is this a patio? Do you want to get a deck? Are the exterior walls in good shape? Get a quote from a deck builder, check out the patio choices, book a painting service, decide what colors will look best in your backyard.

Simply put, once you get organized and decide on what you want to do – more or less, start by fixing up the yard. The main structures – from the wooden deck to the walls and the fence or the railings, are the backbone of your backyard. Everything should be in place, in a good condition, and ready to say hello to your decorations. So, start with all that – whatever is needed, from patio renovation to painting.

How to make the small backyard work

Thinking small-scale is not a bad thing. We bring this up because most small backyards are indeed small and there’s no space for furniture of any size. To avoid making the backyard busy, measure it. Also, take into account its shape and choose furniture in terms of size but also in accordance with your needs. Do you prefer to eat outside or read a book? Most people would say that they want both. That’s fair. After all, the point is to create an outdoor space where you will enjoy as many things as you want to do. We all agree with that. For this reason, try to keep an open mind and think out of the box. Get multifunctional furniture, like a wooden chaise longue that will serve as a chair, day bed, and table. Throw a few pillows too since they may serve as poufs.

Small yards need color and light to be alive again

If you have enough backyard space to install a cedar deck and still have a green area, it’d be lovely. If there’s no natural green in your backyard, get artificial. Plant flowers and if there are staircases, place flower pots on each step. If there are no trees, plant a couple. They may also be used to hang a hammock. Not enough room for a hammock? Get a swing.

It’s good to use the sides, the corners, and the dead areas – like the walls or the wooden fence to grow plants and flowers. Don’t overdo it though, keep things neat.

At the same time, you need to focus on the lighting. Get task lights – for the times you want to read but also ambient light to create a cozy atmosphere. The right lighting makes all the difference outside, especially when the backyard is small. Small spaces look bigger and gorgeous when they are neat and well-lit – let alone they are easy to keep beautiful. As you can see, having a small backyard has plenty of good moments. Start building yours.