Home Theater Décor

Traditional or modern, your home theater décor expectations are fully covered by our team. From the wall accents and lighting to the color schemes and the carpet design, we offer solutions to please your aesthetics. Whether you prefer monochromatic solutions or thematic home theater interiors, your wish is our command. Your Los Angeles home theater room décor might be distinguished by custom mill works or beautifully framed cinematic images. You might want to bring the home movie theater to a different level by integrating a proscenium if the room is spacious enough and also add curtains. No matter what your aesthetic preferences are, we meet them all the way. While we focus on the decoration, we still pay attention to the excellence of the materials and installation of the acoustical wall paneling too.

Home Theater Acoustical Wall Paneling

The purpose of the home theater acoustical wall paneling installation is to isolate sound. We install acoustical wall paneling so that the noise won’t disturb the members of your family in the adjacent rooms, but also to keep the noises from the rest of the house entering the home movie theater. Another reason for the acoustical wall panels installation is to make the sound as clear and vivid as it can be broadcasted and without reverberations and echoes. Trust that our home theater pro team uses safe and high-quality panels that won’t only offer the best sound control but also pleasing effects on the décor. We offer many decoration choices when it comes to the home theater acoustical wall paneling and so you gain both in aesthetics and sound.

Home Theater Wall Accents

By definition, wall accents are meant to texturize, make rooms more interesting, and add volume. Of course, the last thing you want when it comes to home theater rooms is disturbances. But when it comes to this room’s décor, home theater wall accents can be as discreet or pompous as you like them to be. A wall decoration may be as simple and elegant as installing wainscoting or inspired by art-décor styles or contemporary designs. While we focus on sound control systems, we also concentrate on your décor scheme to meet both goals: excellent sound & high aesthetics. And that’s achieved with acoustical wall accents installation. We create a beautiful environment and ensure the best acoustics so that you won’t have to sacrifice the one for the other. Our LA team offers the best solutions among home theater wall accents and you just have to take your pick.

Home Theater Columns

We bring the elegance of the home theater décor to the next level by installing columns. This is an optional decoration element and our company can provide traditional and contemporary designs among the best home theater columns. The columns may accentuate the classic mood in the home movie theater decoration with its wooden appearance and crown or add a modern touch with hidden LED lights. The options are infinite but our Los Angeles home theater pro team always suggests ideas that will mesh with your aesthetics while the size and shape are also subject to your personal taste but also the dimensions of the room. With the home theater columns installation, two purposes are served: function & aesthetics. They are not just beautiful, but may also hide wires or become the base for sconces.

Home Theater Curtains

With the installation of home theater curtains, we create a dramatic effect that is suitable to such rooms. The addition of curtains makes your Los Angeles home movie theater real and brings a sense of vintage elegance to the room. Whether there’s space for a proscenium or not, we can still install curtains with a manual or remote controlled rod system. And so, you can sit back and relax knowing that with the press of one button, the curtains will open and close with ease. The home theater curtains ideas, colors, and designs are plenty and we make recommendations based on your personal preferences and the room’s décor. Rest assured that the home theater curtains installation is done expertly for effortless operation. Home theater curtains are excellent solutions for vintage and traditional decorations.

Home Theater Stage Packages

We offer great home theater stage packages in Los Angeles along with plenty of ideas and color & design schemes. Although home theater stages mainly serve as decorative elements, they also act as functional structures since they may embed speakers and conceal wires. When you opt for home theater stages installation, the viewing experience is optimized, the need for large audio equipment is eliminated, and the décor ideas range from art-deco to modern styles. Built from floor to ceiling, the home theater stage can fit in most rooms while the screen dimensions enlarge accordingly and thus maximize your experience. We provide home theater stage packages in many styles in an effort to complement the room’s décor. Take a look at some of the available home theater stage options.

Movie Poster Frames

A classic way to decorate home theater rooms is to add movie poster frames. Then, it’s only a matter of choosing the poster of your favorite film to create the ultimate home theater décor. Whether you are a fan of Star Wars, the Godfather, Matrix, or the Game of Thrones, we provide excellent ideas of frames to host the posters of your best-loved movies. The size, color, and shape of the movie poster frames vary to mesh with and enhance the home theater room decoration. We can install framed movie posters in your Los Angeles home theater room leaving the same distance between them to create a cohesive interior décor. Alternatively, we can create a corner with movie poster frames and focus on another decoration scheme for the rest of the room. Movie poster frames are not just classic, but one of the best home theater wall decoration choices.

Home Theater Fiber-Optic Star Panels

Want to take your Los Angeles home theater room décor to a higher level? View our home theater fiber-optic star panels. We supply fiber-optic star panels in many shapes, sizes, and colors while the lights are LED, microscopic, and simply extraordinary. We mount the box frame of the panel in the ceiling and thus conceal the fiber-optic cables and the lightbox before we brace the star panel to the frame. The large number of these microscopic lights are scattered across the panel while the energy consumption is small since they are LEDs. We offer several color options when it comes to the panel and suggest solutions based on your home theater décor. The home theater fiber-optic star panels are a great way to decorate the room’s ceiling.

Home Theater Riser Platforms

You might wonder how the seats can be installed so that the back row won’t be obstructed by the front row! That’s where the home theater riser platforms jump in to save the situation. We often build home theaters in Los Angeles with several rows of seats. And the last thing anyone would want is to have their view blocked from the people sitting in the front rows. And so we provide riser platforms to create the best seating setup and thus undisturbed viewing. For example, a three-row seating configuration will include the front chairs placed on the main carpet floor while the second row will be raised by 7 inches and the third row will be 14 inches high. We offer home theater riser platforms in several colors while there is an easy step for the back rows.