Home Theater Seating

Not only do we offer many home theater seating options, but also solutions so that no one’s view will be blocked. When it comes to the seating options, the choices range from comfortable home theater chairs to loveseats and sofas. It always depends on the room’s size and shape, but also the number of seats you wish to have. We get you comfortable with home theater loveseats. For complete relaxation, we suggest media lounge sofas. For extra convenience, you may want to choose multimedia modular sectionals in any configuration to fit the layout of the room.  You can experience the ultimate comfort with home theater sofas equipped with a fold-down table. Both the fabrics and finishes of the home theater seating options are of the finest quality while in cases of multiple rows, we use risen platforms for tiered seating and thus undisturbed view and great comfort.



Home Theater Chairs

With your absolute comfort in mind, we offer customized home theater chairs to meet your space, décor, and color requirements. Ergonomic and comfortable, the home theater chairs will allow you to relax without sacrificing elegance. They have a sleek design, are made of the finest fabrics or leather, and are built to last. We customize them to meet your demands in terms of back rests, arm styles, material, design, and foam density. The home movie theater chairs can be reclined and may have high-quality cup holders. The materials are resistant for daily use, the foam density is perfect, and those finished with a steel or wood frame provide extra support and structural integrity. We provide excellence at all levels: comfort, quality, and style. Check out our gallery to view some styles of home theater chairs.



    Home Theater Sofas

    Your comfort is taken to a higher level with our home theater sofas. They are designed to provide absolute relaxation in your theater or media room. In an attempt to meet the needs of each and every customer, we offer console and wedge options as well as plenty of configurations. For greater convenience, the home theater sofas can be adjusted to several positions, are reclined by simply pushing a button, and are equipped with a fold-down table between the two seats that has two cup holders and enough space for your popcorn bowl. There are color and design options to match your home theater décor while their excellent ergonomics promises great comfort. The hidden storage room when the armrests open up enhance your convenience since you can have everything you want within easy reach. Take a look at our home theater sofas gallery.   



    Home Theater Loveseats

    Blending comfort, style, and function is easy when it comes to our home theater loveseats. We offer a variety of designs so that you can choose the style, size, and color that will complement the home theater décor. Our team suggests solutions based on your personal needs and the layout of the home theater room to bring comfort for the whole family without overcrowding the space. The home theater loveseats are made of high-quality leather, are inclined, and may have a dropdown table with two cup holders. The easy recliners, the excellent finish, and the density of the foam showcase the attention given to details and your comfort. Your head and back rest back comfortably as much as your feet and so you manage to relax while watching your favorite movie. Check out our high-performance home theater loveseats to get an idea of what we offer.



    Multimedia Modular Sectionals

    When it comes to both function and comfort, you cannot go wrong with the multimedia modular sectionals. They are the ideal addition to most home theater rooms. We offer many choices in terms of size, style, and color to create the best home theater seating configuration and decoration that will complement the room’s style without making the space busy. The multimedia modular sectionals may include wedges and fold down arms if you like to have a small table with cup holders between the seats. The arms may also fold up for extra coziness while the ottomans of some models may hide a very convenient storage space. We offer many choices and help you configure the best sectional for your own home theater room. You can view the multimedia modular sectionals we provide at our gallery.


    Media Lounge Sofas

    Our customized home theater seating options include media lounge sofas as well. The lounge sofas may be for one person or the whole family and they might include ottomans for footrest too. Crafted to the best quality standards and available in plenty of sizes, styles, and colors, the media lounge sofas bring relaxation to the highest possible level. The styles vary from classic to contemporary and so they can easily blend into any home theater or media room décor. They may include cup holders, cushions, and swivel tables that easily attach to the armrest. The foam is durable, yet extra soft to support your back, last long, and help you relax while the fabrics are of excellent quality and available in many colors. Take a minute to view the choices of media lounge sofas at our gallery.