The Best Home Theater Seating Options

The Best Home Theater Seating OptionsThere’s so much to consider when building a home theater room – the lighting, the flooring, the wall paneling. A TV, or a projector and screen? What color? What home theater décor?

And then the question about the home theater seating is put on the table and everyone in the family is calm. That’s easy. You just get a sofa and are done with it. Right? Wrong.

In fact, there’s a lot to consider before you complete the home theater design with new chairs. And we are here to present the best home theater seating options and also, put on the table main considerations you should take into account before you make any decisions.

Home theater seating options

•   Recliners are common home theater chairs. You can use a remote or a lever to make the chair recline and so, stretch your legs, rest your neck. And there are several options among recliners, too. There are massage, lift, and rocking recliners, manual and automatic.

•   Home theater sofas may be big or small. They may be deep or not. The headrest may be high or low. Some even have storage space and drop-down tables. Sofas are great solutions if you like to sit side-by-side when watching movies.

•   Home theater love seats meant to sit two-loved ones, but there are also designs for one person only – some round chairs in a great style that can be scattered in the room. Traditionally, the love seats consist of two seats, often reclining, with storage room and glass holders.

•   Multimedia modular sectionals. Which are those? Remember the big corner sofa in the living room? Something like that. The difference here is that these sofas have many features – recliners, glass holders, LED lighting, tray table, full leg support or even an ottoman.

What to consider before you choose home theater chairs

Home theater seating optionsHome theater room’s space

The space of the room is always a main consideration before you choose your media lounge sofas or love seats. Such chairs occupy some room and so, measuring accurately is a must. That’s extremely important, especially if you plan to get big sofas or rows of seats.

Home movie room’s height

Then, if you want to build a proper home theater room with seat rows, you need to create a tiered seating arrangement so that the viewers of the last row will have a clear view of the screen too. To do that, you need to make sure there’s enough height in the room for the elevated chair at the rear to be much lower than the ceiling.

Number of people

Are you building a home theater movie room just for you two? Are you a big family of 8? Do you like watching movies along with friends? The answers to these questions will help you decide which types of seats you need. And how many you need.

Home theater seats cost

The cost is always a consideration. It’s very important to say here that you shouldn’t choose your home theater sofas based on their price. Naturally, the high-end ones cost a lot. And although you don’t need to pay a fortune, you shouldn’t make compromises when it comes to their quality either. The seats must be soft, relaxing, and durable; otherwise, you will not enjoy your movies. But the cost is still something that will direct you this or that way. But don’t forget that the cost is subject to how many chairs you need, what fabric you get, what type of seating you select.

Home theater sofa fabric

Leather home theater chairsLeather home theater chairs are always preferable since they can be cleaned easily. Nowadays, there are some easy-to-clean fabrics too. Or faux leather sofas that won’t be as expensive as the real thing. Your decision is subject to your budget but also, if you eat while you watch or if there are kids in the family.

Home theater chair features

Although most home theater seats have several features, you might not need all of them. The features may range from the automatic reclining and the tray tables to the LED lights, the cup holders, the storage space and much more. Some may not be important to you and if you exclude some features, the price will drop down a bit. But some, you may not do without. So, give them some consideration.